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30 Abbey Road
NG21 9LQ


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01623 355 074


Taxis services from the home of Robin Hood

Welcome to Abbey Taxis, a professional and reliable taxi firm in Edwinstowe, at the edge of the magical Sherwood Forest in Nottingham.

From our roots based near Nottingham’s most famous legend, we bring you friendly and affordable taxi services that are head and shoulders above our competitors.

Since opening for business seven years ago, we have been on a very serious quest: where other taxi firms in Nottinghamshire make do with substandard and overpriced taxis, we break the mould to give our customers a quality service at a competitive price. If Robin Hood were still around today, we like to think he’d come to us for a lift!

Need a ride?

When you book a taxi in Edwinstowe, you’ll want an efficient and accurate response from someone who has a friendly and helpful telephone manner. You’ll want your taxi to arrive on time, taking the most sensible route for your journey. And you won’t want it to cost you the earth. Store our number in your speed dial for whenever you need to get from A to B!

Contact Abbey Taxis in Edwinstowe today!

Feel free to contact us in whichever way you find most convenient. We recommend calling 01623 355 074 or sending us an email, but you could also try using two cans and a string, or shouting very loudly.

Just kidding – you’ve actually got to phone us if you want to book a taxi. Here’s the number you need: 01623 355 074.

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